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Liberated Arms is proud to help women feel safer through women's handgun classes in Colona, IL. When you take part in our classes, you'll learn from a female USCCA-certified instructor and learn about the basics of firearms handling and situational awareness, gain a wealth of knowledge about firearms and ammunition, as well as practicing holster draw skills and discussing non-lethal options. We initially focus on practice with laser training pistols in a quiet, supportive, and safe environment.
There are four two-hour mini classes that get progressively more skilled. Each session is $50 per person.

Level 1 Women's Basic Handgun
Level 2 Women's Intermediate Handgun
Level 3 Women's Defensive Pistol
Range Time for Levels 1 and 2

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The Women's Handgun Series was developed to provide a progressive set of mini two-hour sessions to teach a specific level and allow the learner to practice and study before the next level session. It is a women-only series taught by a female instructor (who was also just as intimidated by handguns when she started learning).

ALL levels of experience are encouraged to attend - from women just considering handguns to concealed carry holders.

You do not need to own a firearm to attend - as a matter of fact, this series can help you understand how to choose the right firearm for you!

We have firearms rentals available for a small fee and ammunition available for purchase (subject to availability and current prices).

Women's Basic Pistol

In this mini-session we cover the very basics of handguns. These include: firearms safety; handling a firearm - for shooting, as well as when you are in an off-range situation; other fundamentals for effective shooting. We will be using training firearms and dry-fire laser practice (no live ammo or gun range).

There is no prerequisite for this session.

Women's Intermediate Pistol

Adding to the basic handling skills from the previous session, the intermediate mini-session includes: the functioning of handguns and ammo; holster and carry options; situational awareness; and bringing the fundamentals together. We will be using training firearms and dry-fire laser practice (no live ammo or gun range).

This session is recommended after the Basic pistol session.

Women's Defensive Pistol

This most advanced mini-session includes: the Mindset of defense; use of force; cover vs. concealment; point shooting; and methods of draw in a defensive situation. We will be using training firearms and dry-fire laser practice (no live ammo or gun range).

This session requires completion of the Intermediate pistol session.

Range Day

LIVE FIRE practice. This session happens after the Basic and Intermediate sessions in the series and provides opportunity to put the skills into practice. Students can bring their personal handgun and ammo. Rental handguns and ammunition are available. All safety rules MUST BE FOLLOWED at all times. An indoor or outdoor range will be used depending on weather.

This session requires completion of the Basic and/or Intermediate sessions.