Did you just purchase a firearm and now you're not as excited about it as you thought you would? Are you wanting to make more space in your gun safe for the latest models?

If you are looking to sell or replace any of your firearms, Liberated Arms would like to talk to you. We offer competitive prices for used firearms, as well as competitive trades for a firearm that better suits your needs or preferences (subject to availability).

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Inheriting firearms can be a daunting situation for anyone. This is especially true for people without firearms knowledge or someone just grappling with what to do during a difficult time.

Liberated Arms can help you to sort out a firearms inventory due to inheritance or for an estate sale. We can provide assistance in pricing firearms, give you competitive prices for any purchases we might want, and/or sell the firearms on consignment.

We have a local following in Colona, IL and the Quad Cities. We also attend the Quad Cities and Lake County, IL gun shows with consignment firearms.

Estate Consultations | $25 per hour
Consignment Sales | 15% or $40 minimum
Consignments for firearms will last a maximum of six months and can be withdrawn at any time.