Sign up for Illinois concealed carry license classes in Colona, IL

Liberated Arms is dedicated to helping Illinois residents receive the proper training to qualify for the Illinois concealed carry license. No matter your current experience level, you can count on us to provide effective training with a focus on safety and an introduction to Illinois carry law.

We invite you to enroll in any of the following classes:

  • Illinois concealed carry license two-day 16-hour class | $200 per person
  • Illinois concealed carry license day two only 8-hour class | $100 per person
  • Illinois concealed carry license Renewal | $80 per person

Take the first step toward being eligible for an Illinois Concealed Carry license or renew your expiring license (up to six months in advance). Check the calendar of events to sign up for our Illinois concealed carry license classes.


16 Hour Course - This course covers the full 16 hours of training mandated by Illinois for an initial CCL application. The session happens over two days and has a live fire qualification.

Day Two 8 Hour Course - This is 8 hours of training required for students that have already satisfied the requirements for the first 8 hours of training on day 1. There are specific requirements to be able to opt out of the first day, which include in part - NRA Basic Pistol course certificate, DD214 from honorably discharged military. We strongly encourage everyone to enroll for the full course to learn the latest handling techniques for concealed carry. The full list of exemptions can be found on the Illinois State Police website.

Renewal - This course covers the 3 hours of training mandated by Illinois to renew an expiring CCL. Renewal applications can be submitted up to 6 moths in advance of the expiration day. The session happens over a half day and has a live fire qualification.